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Group 1: Kirsten T, Ashley C, Esti B - scheduled
Group 2: Lucy W, Tyson K, Sam R - scheduled
Group 3: Chris W, Jeneen N, Xin (Sherry) - scheduled
Group 4: Mary B, Karen S, Jungwon Y - scheduled
Group 5: Whitney F, Melissa B, Laura A - scheduled
Group 6: Halley T, Caitlin R, Mariah C - scheduled
Group 7: Rebecca S, Leigh S, Kelly D - scheduled
Group 8: Elizabeth A, Ilana B, Andrew K - scheduled
Group 9: Leah W, Terence O, Meggan F - scheduled
Group 10: Ryan C, Caroline M, Shauna M - scheduled
Group 11: Sharona G, Naomi H-A, Laura B - scheduled

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Wednesday, April 4

Weds., 4/4, 10:45-11:15am
ESL, Easier
Tyson K., Sam R. & Lucy W.
Wednesday, April 4 @ 10:45-11:15am

Are you looking for ways to better serve your ESL patrons? Does your library community serve a larger-than-average ESL population? Do some of the children in your library struggle with the English language? Come join us to talk about ways we, as librarians, can make things easier for our ESL patrons in school, public, and academic libraries. Learn about ways to communicate with young non-English speaking students, reach out to international college students to enrich their experiences, and look at ways to aid ESL patrons via multiple tools available in their public library. Come on over to talk about the many ways we can welcome our ESL patrons and make them feel more at home in our libraries.

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Attendees (maximum 25 per group): Chris W., Kirsten, Laura B., Jungwon

Thursday, April 5

Thurs., 4/5, 5:00 - 5:30pm

Thurs., 4/5, 5:40 - 6:10pm

Thurs., 4/5, 6:20 - 6:50pm
The Library as Incubator: From Metaphor to Practice
This has been moved to Thursday, April 12th, same time.

Sunday, April 8 (Easter Sunday)

Sun., 4/8, 11:30 - 12:00pm
Group 3: Chris W, Jeneen N, Xin (Sherry)
Strategies for Serving Our Ex-Prisoner Patrons:
A Review of Library Resources and Programming That Can Help Support Ex-Prisoners' Reentry Into Our Community.
Are you interested in resources that can help ex-prisoners successfully re-enter your community? Are you curious on what your public library can offer this patron group? Join us for a webinar exploring resources and strategies that any public library can use to help serve this population. We will focus on three main areas: job searching, educational attainment, and acquisition of government services.
Attendees: Sam R., Naomi H-A, Ilana B, Terence, Melissa, Elizabeth A., Caitlin R.
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Sun., 4/8, 12:10 - 12:40pm

Sun., 4/8, 12:50 - 1:20pm

Sun., 4/8, 1:30 - 2:00pm
How to Protect Your Patrons and Yourself from Copyright Infringement
Sharona G, Naomi H-A, Laura B
Have you ever wanted to use something you found online but weren't sure if you had the rights? Has a patron asked you how to find resources for a presentation or creative endeavor? Librarians often serve as the gateway to the rocky world of online content, with its ambiguous copyright rules. In this webinar, we will cover various Creative Commons licenses and what their terms actually mean. We will also discuss how to determine "fair use" of materials. Additionally, we'll present a number of sources you can recommend to patrons and use in your library. Discover how fair use and Creative Commons can fit into the life and practice of any librarian!

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Webinar Handout - overview, references, additional resources

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Attendees: Kirsten, Ilana B, Elizabeth A., Esti, Leigh, Tyson K., Caitlin R., Jungwon, Mary, Laura A.

Monday, April 9

Mon., 4/9, 5:00 - 5:30pm - Whitney, Melissa and Laura
Assistive Technologies for Patrons with Disabilities
This webinar gives an introduction to library resources for patrons with physical and learning disabilities. We will highlight some of the equipment and assistive technologies available to libraries. We will also provide resources for librarians to further educate themselves on the use of assistive technologies and collaborate with local resources.

URL: http://try.bbcollaborate.com/trial/p.go?pk=UzcUwoPDKBiH9NoY
Survey URL: http://goo.gl/T8OAI

Whitney's Email: whitrae@gmail.com
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Attendees: Jeneen N., Lucy W., Meggan, Ilana, Elizabeth A., Leigh, Terence, Naomi, Ryan, Rebecca, Esti, Shauna, Ashley, Caroline, Xin (Sherry)

Mon., 4/9, 5:40 - 6:10pm

Improving the Accessibility of Library Resources for the Blind/Visually Impaired
Karen, Mary, Jungwon



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This webinar highlights new and exciting ways to make your library resources more accessible to blind and visually impaired patrons. Our presentation covers optimizing physical spaces and lending services as well as software to improve accessibility to digital, online resources. We will also run through examples of potential outreach and workshops to offer in your library.

Attendees: Chris W., Lucy W., Meggan, Esti, Leigh, Leah W., Sam R. Andrew K, Tyson K., Melissa, Shauna, Xin (Sherry), Kelly, Laura A.

Mon., 4/9, 6:20 - 6:50pm
Young Professionals: The Missing Link presented by Caitlin R., Halley T., and Mariah C.

This webinar examines the underserved patron group of young professionals. Although this group may not be “under-resourced” in terms of time, energy or income (though some people in the demographic might be), the fact that they are not often engaged at all with the local library shows a disconnect. The period of life between ages 20-40 is one filled with lots of change, and it’s quite possible that the library can offer resources (informational and social) that can help young professionals navigate these changes in a smart, informed way. Our webinar will examine the question of why this group is often underserved by the library and present several case studies of successful programs. Our goal is to help webinar participants recognize and reach out to their young professional patron populations.
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Attendees: Chris W., Naomi, Jeneen N., Lucy W., Meggan, Esti, Leigh, Leah W., Sam R., Sharona, Ryan, Rebecca, Melissa, Jungwon, Mary, Shauna, Caroline, Ashley, Terence, Xin (Sherry), Laura A, Karen, Kelly

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Mon., 4/9, 7:00 - 7:30pm: Kirsten, Ashley, Esti
When Learning Is Difficult: Better Serving College Students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism
How can librarians better identify and serve students with learning disabilities? This webinar will help academic librarians answer that question and prepare them to make their libraries a more welcoming space to learners at all levels. We'll examine ways for librarians to build awareness about students with learning disabilities and look at ideas for serving this population that others have implemented successfully.

Survey URL: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XDYLNQG
Archived webinar: View
Attendees: Chris W., Jeneen N., Whitney, Lucy W., Meggan, Sam R., Leah W., Laura B., Naomi, Sharona, Ryan, Rebecca, Jungwon, Mary, Caroline, Mariah, Xin (Sherry), Laura A, Karen, Kelly, Halley

Mon., 4/9, 7:40 - 8:10pm Andrew, Ilana, Elizabeth
Finding Waldo: Using the Census to Locate Underserved Populations in the Public Library Community
There’s your library community, and then there’s your invisible community that you don’t know about because they never go to your library. Via tools such as Social Explorer and New York Times “Mapping the United States Census” ,our webinar will help you use the United States Census and American Community Survey to help you find your underserved populations. We will examine a specific case in the Upper Peninsula in order to illustrate concepts presented in the session and ultimately identify four things you can do with your demographics. No previous experience with the Census required.
URL: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=cm090828&password=M.7DCB2C2EED059F9197DDCA5BFC4902


Additional Resources:
Attendees: Chris W., Whitney, Laura B., Naomi, Rebecca, Halley, Melissa, Ashley, Mariah, Leah W., Karen, Kelly,

Mon., 4/9, 8:20 - 8:50pm
Biblio-Babel with Meggan, Terence, and Leah

This webinar will address how your public library can reach adult speakers of the world's languages other than English. The topics will cover how public libraries build their foreign language collections, what programming public libraries feature to draw in and address the needs of non-English speaking populations, and how libraries approach marketing to those diverse communities. After participating in our webinar, librarian professionals will be better able to reach and serve this important population in their community.

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Survey: http://tinyurl.com/si643biblio
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Attendees (maximum 25 per group): Kirsten, Laura B, Whitney, Ilana, Naomi, Andrew K, Halley, Mariah, Karen

Mon., 4/9, 9:00 - 9:30pm
Ryan C, Caroline M, Shauna M,
Advocating for Openness in the Digital Age
This webinar will take the form of a discussion of the implications and uses of open access in public, academic, and school libraries, with interactive presentations and plenty of audience participation. We will explore how librarians can advocate for self-publishing in public libraries, open-access journals and institutional repositories in academic libraries, and open educational resources in school libraries.

Webinar URL: **http://try.bbcollaborate.com/trial/p.go?pk=7LJaGJOba4ZmXToN**

Survey URL: http://goo.gl/Xw3vT



Attendees (maximum 25 per group): Andrew K, Sharona, Halley, Mariah, Karen, Caitlin, Whitney, Mary, Tyson K.

Mon., 4/9, 9:40 - 10:10pm

Wednesday, April 11

Wed., 4/11, 10:45 - 11:15am

Wed., 4/11, 11:25 - 11:55am

Thursday, April 12 - back-up "rain date" if needed for any reason.

Thur., 4/12, 6:20 - 6:50pm
The Library as Incubator: From Metaphor to Practice
Leigh, Rebecca, Kelly
Blurb: Is an incubator a place or an idea? At a library, it can be both! This workshop will trace the rise of “incubator” projects -- from grass-roots technology workshops in Detroit, to research consultations for Michigan entrepreneurs -- and discuss ways in which our institutions can take a more active role in supporting sustainable development in communities that need it most. Join us, and draw inspiration from projects conducted both inside and outside the world of libraries. You'll also gain a sense of the practical considerations for undertaking a library incubator project.
Attendees: Jeneen N., Elizabeth A., Sharona, Ryan, Tyson K., Shauna, Caroline, Ashley, Caitlin

Libraries as Incubators -- Resources Handout: tinyurl.com/libraryincubator
Evaluation: tinyurl.com/incubator-eval
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